Newsletter 42 [2,86 MBs]
Thames - Roman Road Market - Stratford (Newham)- Simona Campli (Londra: la panacea di tutti i mali), Nicolò Quirico (London Calling), Events, Italians in London.


Newsletter 41 [5,73 MBs]
Typical English Houses - North Finchley Market - London's Borough: Hillingdon - Hillingdon Artists - Ruislip Manor Farm - James I and the Civil War (1603-1649) - St James's Park - Middle English - CV&coffee - - TIJEvents Area - Italians in London.

Newsletter 40 [3,63 MBs]
New Scotland Yard - Surrey Street Market - London's Borough: Redbridge - Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum (Beda) - Brompton Cemetery - Italians in London.


Newsletter 39 [4 MBs]
Red Telephone Kiosks - Hounslow West Station Market - London's Borough: Waltham Forest - De excidio Britannie (Gildas) - Italians in London (different people, various experiences) - RICOL, Interpreters Cooperative of London Ltd.

Newsletter 38 [4,11 MBs]
Double-Deckers - Walthamstow Market - London's Borough: Sutton - History of England: Magna Carta - Dr. Luca Modenesi (Clinical Psychologist) - CV&Coffee: 'How to write a successful CV in English' - Events in London.

Newsletter 37 [4,21 MBs]
Twinings - Golborne Road Market - London's Borough: Croydon - History of England: James I (1603 -1625) - CV&Coffee

Newsletter 36 [3,31 MBs]
Black cabs saved by Chineses - London's Parks and gardens: Berkeley Square Gardens - London's Borough: Havering - History of England (1571-1603) - History of English: Geoffrey Chaucer - Bada Fair - Other events

Newsletter 35 [3,05 MBs]
Backyard Market - London's Borough: Enfield - London (immages) - History of England (1555-1571) - Sussex Gardens - Bada Fair - Other events


Newsletter 34 [3,23 MBs]
Southbank Centre Christmas Market - London's Borough: Harrow - Sock mob and homelessness - East London Tech City - The new King's Cross station - Rugby: Harlequins vs Zebre

Newsletter 33 [2,67 MBs]
Portobello Road Market - London's Borough: Kingston upon Thames - History of England: 1548-1558 - Professionals in London - Events

Newsletter 32 [8,53 MBs]
Hildreth Street Market - London's Borough: Bromley - London by night - Cavendish Square Gardens - My Living London - Queen's Diamond Jubilee - Professionals in London - Jersey

Newsletter 31 [3,81 MBs]
Sunday Up Market - London's Borough: Brent - Tamigi (immagini) - Grosvenor Square Gardens - Mews (3) - History of English: Miracle plays/Mystery plays - Mayoral elections - St Albans - Events

Newsletter 30 [2,46 MBs]
Columbia Road Flower Market - London's Borough: Newham - Burlington House - Bloomsbury Square Gardens - History of England: 1527- 1547 - Mews (2) - Bada Fair - History of English: Popular Ballads - London's gangs - Events


Newsletter 29 [1937 KBs]
Whitechapel Market - London's Borough: Haringey - History of England: 1485- 1527 - Mews - Events - Rhea Page

Newsletter 28 [837 KBs]
Duke of York Square Market - London's Borough: Bexley - History of England: wars 1307-1399 (Second half) - London's Canals: Hampstead Road Lock

Newsletter 27 [739 KBs]
Smithfield Market - London's Borough: Lewisham - History of England: wars 1307-1399 - New London: The Shard.

Newsletter 26 [962 KBs]
Christ Chruch Market - British Style: Pint of beer- History of English: Widsith (7th Century) - British Style: The end of multiculturalism - London's Borough: Hackney.


Newsletter 25 [862 KBs]
Electric Avenue Market - Boroughs: Barking and Dagenham - History of England: The making of the nation (1154-1307) - Boroughs: Lambeth - Dictionary.

Newsletter 24 [1374 KBs]
Camden Stables Market - History of England: From despotism to anarchy (1066-1154) - History of English, Old English: Beowulf (circa 750) - Dictionary - Christchurch Greyfriars Churchyard Gardens - Decanter Encounter.

Newsletter 23 [2000 KBs]
Spitalfields and its markets - History of England: The Romans (54 B.C. - 550 A. D.) - History of England: Barbaric hordes (550 - 1066) - History of English: Old English - Dictionary - Christchurch Greyfriars - Reception Academy.

Newsletter 22 [1410 KBs]
Chapel Market, St Silas Church - Pentonville, Wandsworth, Virginia Gardens, English (History of England: First settlers, History of English: The oral tradition of Celts, Phrasal verbs: To look after/ahead/in, Dictionary related to the articles).

Newsletter 21 [1050 KBs]
Camden Lock Market, St Peter's Italian Church, Ealing, St Olave (Silver Street), London (Multietnicity)


Newsletter 20 [1040 KBs]
Green Park Outside Market, St Anne and St Agnes Gardens, Merton, The Royal London Hospital, Maiorca, English mistakes, Carnaby Street

Newsletter 19 [1045 KBs]
Brick Lane Market, Finsbury Circus, Underground, Tower Hamlets, Crest Schools of English, English tests, Tower of London

Newsletter 18 [974 KBs]
Leather Lane Market, Finsbury Square Gardens, Pubs, Southwark, Crest Schools of English, Phrasal Verbs ed Idioms: Drive, Buckingham Palace

Newsletter 17 [990 KBs]
Apple Market, Russel Square Gardens, The Thames, Hammersmith & Fulham, Crest Schools of English, Phrasal Verbs ed Idioms: Feed, Covent Garden

Newsletter 16 [941 KBs]
Petticoat Lane Market, West Smithfield Gardens, Hampstead Garden Suburb, Barnet (Edgware), Crests School of English, Phrasal Verbs ed Idioms: Sleep, Old Royal Naval College.

Newsletter 15 [937 KBs]
Berwick Street Market, Kensington Gardens, Barbican Centre, BADA FAIR (Chelsea), Richmond upon Thames, Crest Schools of English, Phrasal Verbs ed Idioms: Wake, Rossini's Ermione and London Philharmonic Orchestra (Royal Festival Hall).

Newsletter 14 [930 KBs]
St James's Piccadilly Market, St James's Piccadilly Church, Green Park, Carlyle's House, Chelsea, Learning English: Crest Schools of English, Perry Barnes, Italians in London.

Newsletter 13 [915 KBs]
Pimlico Market, Orange Square - St Barnabas, Marble Arch, Tyburn Gallows, Boroughs: Westminster, Learning English: Crest Schools of English, Useful tools, Italians in London: Happy 2009.


Newsletter 12 [823 KBs]
Learning English: Crest Schools of English, English Barnes Method; Greenwich Market, St Paul's Church & Gardens, London eye, Islington (Angel), London Italian Rugby.

Newsletter 11 [717 KBs]
Learning English: Crest Schools of English, English Barnes Method; Shepherd’s Bush Market, Gunpowder Plot and Bonfire (Guy Fawkes) Night, City "romana" (Roman City), Tricolore Theathre Company, South Ealing Road.

Newsletter 10 [855 KBs]
Leadenhall Market, St Christopher's Place, Green spaces, Crest Schools of English (Learning English) English Barnes Method (Learning English), Camden, Il Circolo - "Pensione Pomodoro" (Italians in London), Long Acre.

Newsletter 9 [949 KBs]
Whitecross Street Market, Bunhill Fields, Notting Hill Carnival, Crest Schools of English (Learning English) How to improve your English (Learning English), Bishops Gate.

Newsletter 8 [588 KBs]
Camden Passage Market (1), Vila Franca de Xira (A week-end abroad).

Newsletter 7 [590 KBs]
Jubilee Market, Valladolid (A week-end abroad).

Newsletter 6 [712 KBs]
Inverness Street Market, Milner School of English (Learning English), Beer (Properties), Heathrow Airport, Porto (A week-end abroad).

Newsletter 5 [534 KBs]
Camden Markets, Trinity Square Gardens, Beer (Basic notions), Greenwich, Perry Smart (Learning English), Docklands Light Railways, Belgrave Road.

Newsletter 4 [599 KBs]
London Underground, London Boroughs, History of beer, London Airports, Language upon Thames (Learning English), Fiumano Fine Art (Italians in London), Succeed in languages (Learning English), Docks and Thames.

Newsletter 3 [488 KBs]
History of London's docks, St. Katharine's docks, Lower Grosvenor Gardens, Somerset House, Italian Paintings in Italian, A squirrel in Hyde Park.

Newsletter 2 [549 KBs]
St. Martin's in-the-fields Market, St. Martin's in-the-fields Church, Millbank gardens, Hyde Park (Serpentine), Little Venice, Fitzroy Square.

Newsletter 1 [482 KBs]
History of London's markets, South Bank Book Market, The Monument, Holland Park Mews, Amersham, Dog toilet (Holland Park).

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