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Getting to London, accommodation is a serious problem, as it could cost very much. That's why you've to keep in mind the different options, each one with pros and cons:


Dosser is a particular kind of guest, who is staying with a friend or sleeping on a sofa. This accommodation solution requires extreme flexibility, as the bedroom serves for any need (sleeping, eating, watching TV, etc.). Dossers have no rights in the flat and they usually pay a very small fare a night. This uncomfortable solution, is acceptable only for very short stays.


Should you decide to stay in London for a while, you need to look for a "rented accommodation", that you can get having a look at "The loot", which contains hundreds of accommodation advertisements, and is published nearly every day. There are different kind of rented accommodation:

Bedsits: small self-contained rooms with a small cooking area, fridge and communal bathroom;

Studio & one bedroom flats: totally self-contained with cooking area and bathroom. They’re more expensive than the previous solution, but protect your privacy;

Flat shares: the majority of travellers try to join some people and find a vacant house/room in a rented house. A four-week deposit, called " bond" is usually required, as well as four weeks in advance (that are given back to you when you leave, if you have paid all the bills and there is no damage to the property or contents). Most lease run for at least six months. That's why you should carefully evaluate the lease agreement, line by line, before signing it. You'd better meet the owner of the property, so that you can see it for yourself. Should you decide to move in, ask for a tenancy agreement that you and the owner will sign. This will set out the details of the agreement, making clear what your obligations are (bills to pay, cleaning, taxation, etc.). Check that electrical and gas appliances are safe and that you know how to use them. In addition, as utilities bills are charged periodically, you'd better ring up the utility companies and get an up to date of how much is owed in the billing period so far. Also, take down meter readings and the previous tenant’s new contact details to avoid any unwanted outstanding amounts being charged to you;

Tailor-made shared accommodation: it refers to a room or shared room whose rent includes council tax and utility bills. Lease agreements are generally more flexible and cheap, but there a serious risk: plenty of people, even 20 or more, could be sharing the same flat....


They offer single rooms or shared rooms and subsidised meals. During the academic year (September-June), their rooms are likely to be fully booked, as they are used by students needing permanent accommodation. During the summer, rooms availability should be wider. The advantage of this solution is to meet other people when you get to London for the first time or you don't know anybody else. They generally represent a cheap solution.

University Student Houses

If you enrol at a University, it could help you both providing expert advice on all aspects of housing and supplying lists of accommodation offered to students by private landlords.


If you don't like staying alone, this solution could be the right one for you. There are some organisations specialised in selecting Londons' families, and offering such a solution to travellers and students. There are different levels of accommodation, generally said standard (home in zones 3 and 4 and facilities are shared with the family); superior (homes in zones 2 and 3, some offer private facilities for students) and executive (homes in zones 1 and 2 and many of them have private bathroom).


Agencies are specialised in helping their clients to find the kind of accommodation they're looking for. Don't forget that they can only charge a fee if you find accommodation through them and that is illegal to charge you simply for registering personal details or for supplying addresses of vacant accommodation. So, don't pay any money to an agency until they have found you a satisfactory accommodation. In addition, they could charge you with a fee for drawing up tenancy agreements, of course, if the services have been agreed and provided.

There are several sources where to get useful information: