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Working in the Uk, and particular in London, can be extremely exciting, but before starting, it's very important to know how to begin.

In addition to what we have written in reference to taxation, there are some more things you should know about the National Insurance Number, Curriculum vitae, interview and job agencies.

National Insurance Number

As said in Taxation, if you are going to work in the UK you will need to obtain an NI number. This is needed for your employee National Insurance contributions to the Government, to track your tax payments. Should you claim a tax refund, it will help very much.

To obtain an NI number you have to apply in person at your local DSS office. We'd suggest ringing first to make an appointment. You'll have to take in your passport, proof of address in the UK, evidence that are working or are in the process of obtaining work in the UK and a couple of other forms of ID.

It pays to arrive at the office early, as this process can take a while. Once your application has been received, it then takes up to three months for you to receive your NI card in the mail. Make sure you inform the DSS if you move. To find your closest DSS office, phone the DSS National lnsurance Enquiry Line ( ph. 020 7712 2171).

Curriculum vitae (CV) - Interview

Your CV is a very important document when seeking employment, so make sure you prepare your CV "targeted" for the prospective employer, that's to say, highlight the specific skills and knowledge which could attract and interest him/her. A "tailored" CV is only the first step in looking for a job, as employers interested in you, would contact you asking for an interview

It's awfully important to make a good impression and prove that you’re worthy of the job. We have some tips for you:


Uk agencies are usually specialised in certain areas and are mostly very professional and competent. We'd suggest that you register with more than one agency, so as to ensure that you get a good coverage of the jobs available.

As your employer, it's your agency's responsibility to ensure all your visa documentation (if you're not from the European Union) is up to date, so they will ask for all the details when you register with them. Several agencies offer free computer training if you need to learn a few more skills or brush up on your old ones. Some agencies will also help you get a National Insurance number (NI).

The Internet is a new way to look for a job, as there are hundreds of on-line recruitment agencies, so you could think of finding a job before you leave home. Bear in mind that these agencies can help you very much, because of their practical services, such as:

One more piece of advice: never forget that London is one of the major finance capitals of the world, so there is plenty of work on offer for accountants. Temporary work is centred around project work for system cut offs, mergers and data migrations.