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Eating & Drinking

Pubs and bars

Pub culture is a way of life in the UK and it’s true that there’s a pub on every corner of the street. Pubs used to have to close by 11 p.m, but a new law has extended closing time. Anyway, some bars and clubs have late licenses.

We'd suggest not overlooking the traditional pub meal, as pubs have improved their food standards greatly over the past few years.

When drinking or eating out, never forget that most of tubes finish just after midnight, so get out in time to be sure to get home without having to pay for a taxi.

Eating Out

English cuisine is no longer centred around traditional English meals. Nowadays, London has turned into one of the most attracting places in the world food-wise: that's why dining out is undoubtedly one of the best things you can do in London.

Looking up, newspapers and magazines give plenty of information about where to eat out getting value for money, so it's not difficult to discover interesting restaurants where you can eat delicious meals which fill your stomachs and that are not be too hard on your wallet.

A good piece of advice is to keep far the tourist restaurants that advertise as being 'value for money', as they usually serve mass produced food at prices which are more expensive than you could think.

A lot of restaurants add the service charge to the bill. Tipping should be obligatory, so should you have appreciate the meal and the service, it's polite to give around a 10% tip.

Every area has some specialised restaurants, so just inform and get around to discover the different meals you can eat out. Here, we just tell you that Brick Lane in Aldgate is known for its fantastic curry houses.