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Italians in London is part of a greater project which aims to support non Italians and Italians visiting the capital of the United Kingdom or living in Greater London and environs, by supplying them with useful information.

The project is based on two websites.

www.italiansinlondon.co.uk, the English version, which is targeted to non-Italians.

www.italianialondra.it, the Italian version, which is targeted to Italians living or visiting London.

These websites show different aspects of London, allowing non-Italians and Italians to appreciate specific peculiarities related to the various London's boroughs.

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English in London

Would you like to learn English in London? Visit ENGLISH IN LONDON and get useful information about how to choose the course suitable for your needs. In addition, thanks to some agreements with schools of languages and private teachers, students are allowed to attend English courses at discounted fees.

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